Sunday in Fall.

How you guys doing?

We have classes from 14:00 til 16:00, Beginner class and spurring class on Sunday.

Today I’m going to introduce about flow of Sunday class.

First, warming up by mat exercise.

This is “Side roll” movement.

After warming up, technique practice.


Arm bar and wrist lock from side control.

Now I know how to use this techniques. It took 12 years to know how. lol

After technique training, spurring!!!

We all could enjoy spurring without any harm or injury. Completely safe!!

This is the Jiu-jitsu’s enchantment!! No injury, gender free, all generation can enjoy together!!

It’s all free if you want to just see this gym, or join a trial.

Only ¥3000 in this month for monthly membership fee!! Free sign up fee on October!!!
We are waiting for your visit!!