Our owner is working hard in Hokkaido.

He will go to US next month. Dondake—.

It’s me.

This week’s theme is “Working hard for Jiu-Jitus movement until it becomes automatic” This is it! No, sorry I just decided now.

We work the movements hard over time, everyone almost got it. All okay!

Then, that was a little bit difficult, we practiced 3 types of Kimura(Arm lock). This techniques was taught on the web by Caio Terra. We tried the Kimura which using lapel , sorry for confusion. Basic is most important.

What I wanted to say is you can control quite strong strength by using gi. Woman even. You can beat the guy wearing Dhalsim gi.

I’m really happy to see everyone enjoying!! Let’s enjoy and be strong!!

Where is Naomi anyway?


Good night!!