Christmas coming up soon. I will be alone as usual, so won’t go out. I’ll do my best.

Thanks for coming today!

Six members came today. Saito san and her friend also came today, so we could have women members! it’s being a while.

Fujimoto san came too and it’s being a while as well. He has his own style and is genius still. We enjoyed rolling today! Thanks for coming.

I forgot to take some pics. We worked mat excersize and some movements hard, so sweat hard. That was okay at the time. but when I start to teach Half guard, well…. how to say……

I can not say correctly, but that was most awkward I have ever taught…. I could tell them how to think about it perhaps, but couldn’t tell them how to use their legs correctly… I will teach you again next week!

At the sparring, everyone look that they are thinking more than usual. They tried to use a lot of teches.

They are about to be ready to participate Jiu-Jutsu match!!

Nakano “The surfer” donate a Jiu Jitsu gi! Surprise!! Cool man! You caught a good wave!!

We will have a Tabata exercise after training from next week! If you want to lose your weight, or gain strength of your cardiopulmonary function, I strongly recommend this training!! Rather, I want to do this with everyone even if they don’t want.

I leave the menu to Dai chan!! Yoroshiku!!

Next week is the last for this year. We work and roll hard for last week then relax on new years days. We have a class from January 2nd though.

We(Yamato branch and Sagami ono branch) will have a new year drink party on January 13th!! We all go why not!! Be ready for this!!!

Good night!!