Good evening, It’s me.

We remained keep practicing basic movement today.

We did it step by step by spending a little time.

I’ve been doing Jiu-Jitsu for a long time, so can do it almost unconsciously.

Normal people have never done these movements before of course,

so they struggle to follow the movements.


Beginners will get used to do the movements gradually.

Once you could get it, Jiu-jitsu would be more fun for sure!

So please keep practicing now(-_-)

They struggled a lot, but enjoyed a lot with sweat like a water fall.

We had Naomi “The legend” today, so they understood the movements logically.
I believe that she will come next week as well.


We have a Basic class on Wednesday, but you don’t need to worry about your skill level to join Beginner class or Advance class! I thought that Kohira-sensei’s face is little bit scary, but his smile is kind and gentle! lol

In addition, We just opened this gym so we don’t have mach members yet compare to Ebina headquarter and Yamato branch. If you’re reading this blog and thinking beginning Ji–Jitsu, please visit us!!

It’s okay that you just want to take a look!! No problem at all. If you try a little bit when you looking around, we have some rental gies.  Feel free to come! We’re preparing some chairs for you!!


Let’s sweat together next week again(^_^)/