We, X-TREME EBINA Sagami-ono branch,  had Beginner Class from 14:00, and Suppering Class form 15:00 today.

More than 10 members joined today because Ebina headquarter and Yamato branch was close today. Instructor Deguchi was happy about it.

Start from basic movement, then famous techniques (Arm bar and Triangle). After that, 1 hour spurring. It’s a while to join a class for me, so I was really awkward at the start, but that was really good exercise in Sunday afternoon.

(We love his smile!! ->)

One surprise thing! Kanuka-san(Legend of X-TREME EBINA) asked former ONE world champion Nobita Naito (Japanese’s hero)to come to Sagami-ono branch, and he came!!!

I brassily asked him to teach us his tackle technique and give us an autograph. He did everything I asked with no problem. He IS world champion. No doubt!!

I displayed his autograph on most eye-grabbing space. I recommend you to pray to it before you start training every time. You would be a world champion. No doubt!! lol


Thank you Nobita Naito and everyone who came today!! We, X-TREME EBINA Sagami-Ono branch, waiting for your visit!!